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The Uni-Vibe (sometimes called the Roto-vibe or Vibra-Chorus) is a phaser effect pedal manufactured by Shin-ei. It was sold under a variety of different brands. Dunlop currently makes reissues of this pedal.


The Uni-Vibe was based on part of the circuit of the Honey Psychedelic Machine and was originally sold as the Vibra-Chorus under the Honey brand. Honey soon became Shin-ei, who is best known as the manufacturer of this pedal. This effect gained popularity primarily because of Jimi Hendrix's use of it.

The Uni-Vibe, like other Shin-ei products, could be found under various types of branding. It was sold in the United States primarily through Univox and was best known as the Jax Vibra-Chorus in other parts of the world. It was also sold as the Vibra-Chorus under the brand names Boomer and Nomad.

Currently Dunlop owns the rights to the Uni-Vibe name and makes reproductions of it.


The Uni-Vibe has two knobs.

  • Volume - Controls the output volume of the effect.
  • Intensity - Controls the amount of phasing.

It also has a switch with two options: chorus and vibrato.

Famous Users[]


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