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Super Fuzz

The Super Fuzz is a fuzz effect pedal that was manufactured by Shin-ei, but often appears with the branding of other companies.


The Super Fuzz was based on part of the circuit of the Honey Psychedelic Machine.[1] It was made until the late 1970's and is now highly sought after on the vintage market.

The Super Fuzz, like other Shin-ei products, could be found under various types of branding. It was sold in the United States through Univox and in England through Shaftesburry as the Duo Fuzz. It was also sold under the brand names Apollo, Avora, Companion, Hohner, Jax (as Fuzz Master), LRE, Mana, Mayfair, Mica, Oscar, Rands, Teisco, and Tempo.


The Super Fuzz has two knobs.

  • Balance - The amount of fuzz.
  • Expander - Controls the output volume of the effect.

It also has a two-way switch.

  • Tone - Changes the tone between bassy or trebly.

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